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Our team consist of experienced, established and qualified, male and female private investigators, covering every city, county and town in England and Wales, that said, we are able to guarantee full U.K coverage and we have access to a reliable trusted network of investigators internationally.

Our people at investigator 247 have experience ranging from nine years to 34 years.

We have heard seen and witnessed it all. No matter how big, small or urgent your investigation, we understand that. We don’t judge, we are approachable and friendly. All enquiries are discussed in the strictest of confidence. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

  • At investigator 247, we tackle, resolve, and provide solutions to the most complex of matters
  • Delivering umatched, professional investigation, industry expertise
  • We maximise results, service and good value for our clients
  • Investigator 247 are powerful partners when customers need clarity, answers, information and peace of mind
  • Once an enquiry is accepted an investigation will begin immediately, unless the time line has been other wise specified by us or you

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